Stefan’s Vintage Clothing

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1160 Euclid Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA | (404) 688-4925

Not everyone can rock vintage outfits. But everyone can still try to look for something vintage that with the right size and perhaps the right cut and color, can make them appear classically fashionable. And if you’re looking for a new vintage dress for a formal party or simply for those casual boring days, then come to Stefan’s Vintage Clothing along Euclid Avenue.

They’ve got a wide selection of vintage and classic outfits for every age, every gender and every occasion. For the males, they’ve got some nicely tailored suits, tuxedos and dress shirts and pants that are either influenced by the mid-century fashion sense or are simply authentic and were truly tailored during those times. For the more complicated and sophisticated female fashion, they’ve got dresses, gowns, and the staples like pants, blouses and tops springing from the turn of the century until the 1970s. They also have costumes, accessories like the colorful bags from the retro era, and everything classic, retro and vintage that is not one bit tacky or cheap looking.

Stefan’s has been in the business of selling vintage and classic wardrobe since the 1970s. Through the decades, they managed to stay true with the nature of their business while keeping up with the times. Stefan’s has a website and although they do not directly offer an online shopping option, most of the clothes from their store inventory can be bought via Ebay. They offer shipping services and in addition, their website has a short catalogue of some of the clothes that they offer – modeled and worn by real people so you can easily visualize the clothes and have a good idea on what to expect once you step in the store.

The store also boasts of having very knowledgeable and accommodating sales personnel that even previous customers can attest to. So accommodating, they’ll even give you some helpful tips on how to go about in L5P – where to eat, where to hail a cab and other must-see places in the district after your stop at Stefan’s. It has also been said that famous personalities like James Dean, Cary Grant, and other well-known models and musicians have also come here to shop for some hard to find clothing items.

So come to Stefan’s when you’re in Little Five Points, where classic and chic meet. Feast your eyes through their extensive collection of vintage clothing – formal or casual, or browse through their fashion books and you’ll never come out of this store without liking and buying anything.

Photo: Mark Runyon

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