Junkman’s Daughter

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464 Moreland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA | (404) 577-3188 | thejunkmansdaughter.com

Junkman’s Daughter is difficult not to notice when you drive or pass by Moreland Avenue in Atlanta GA. You have definitely seen the establishment at one point or another — huge, multi-colored store with shimmering and sparkling mannequin displays. The exterior and even the name “Junkman’s Daughter” might just raise more questions than it answers — “what in the world is in there?”

Junkman’s Daughter is a testament to the diversity that Little 5 Points represent, and the interesting part is, this shop is one of the oldest in the community, and yet it is not an antique or vintage shop – well, not entirely at least, it has everything for every generation. It has anything and everything that you may or may not need but you may find it interesting because it simply is or maybe because it is one those things that you encounter very rarely and it would be a treasure to simply have it.

So instead of simply laying out for you what or what not to expect, how about do not expect anything and simply be open to anything that you will find in it.

As overwhelming as the exterior of the store may be, think of it as a preview of what else you could find inside. You can find collectibles, fetish items, novelty items and even some necessities like wardrobes, accessories and stuff that may come in interesting and creative forms.

Prepping for Halloween? Then you have come to the right place for rare and original Halloween costumes. The place becomes jam-packed during the season so if you come in late, you’ll be left with nothing but leftover costumes.

Simply put, open your mind, do not set any expectations, and do not bring a shopping list because remember, Junkman’s Daughter is not a supermarket nor a department store. But it is also more than a gift shop or a junk shop. You can literally find anything in here so just get ready to have your visuals filled with things, novelty or necessities alike, and have fun and take your time strolling through the aisles or perusing through the various items.

Photo: Mark Runyon

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