Gas Leak in Little 5 Points Sparks Business Evacuations

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Updated 7:56pm
L5P was reopened at 7pm after tests showed the gas levels were deemed safe. The leak was caused by a car apparently hitting a gas pump at the Little Five Points Chevron station. According to an Atlanta Fire Department spokeswomen, 262 gallons had leaked from an underground pipe as of 7pm.


Business owners rose early Tuesday morning to brave the frigid cold temperatures in an attempt to open their stores, but ultimately their doors remained locked. Evidently a gasoline spill at the local Chevron station Monday night overflowed into the sewer causing the potent smell of gasoline to drift through the area.

The businesses that were affected started at Front Page News and wound down Moreland to the Vortex. High gas readings registered in the sewer system which ultimately prompted the area business shut down.

The Atlanta Fire Department is on the scene, cordoning off a two-block radius around of Moreland and Euclid Avenues while the Department of Watershed Management looks explores the matter further.

Details are still unfolding regarding when the area will be reopened.

Photo Credit: limaoscarjuliet | Flickr

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  1. maybe not the best thing to have a gas leak be the first thing people coming in from out of town when they get online to see the cool places in Atlanta to go

  2. Mark Runyon /

    Its our duty to report the goings on in Little Five — good, bad or indifferent. It would be neglectful of us to report otherwise.

    This was a big event on Tuesday, and if you were coming from out of town I’d think that would be the first thing you’d want to know so you could plan your trip accordingly.

    As the update says, everything was reopened 7pm that evening so L5P is open for business as usual.

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