Fox Bros. BBQ

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1238 DeKalb Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA | (404) 577-4030 |

We all know that Texas has the best barbecues in the US – perfectly seasoned and cooked at the right temperature. But not everyone is willing to go down south in pursuit of that perfect barbecue. If you live in the southeast, you can head to Atlanta instead and sample the offerings of Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q.

Texan-bred brothers Jonathan and Justin Fox opened this restaurant with the help of other friends out of frustration of not finding any good barbecue restaurants in Atlanta. At present, Fox Bros. boasts of offering a barbecue that “has Texan roots but has a southern influence”. It is the perfect mix of the classic Texan barbecue with a taste and style that southern folks from Atlanta will surely love.

Sample their meats that are smoked with hickory wood nonetheless and are dressed and served with their very own barbecue sauce which they also sell at Whole Foods for only $5. They’ve got baby back ribs which costs barely $20 for a whole serving, smoked chicken which could also be served in purely white meat for an additional $2, the deep brisket for only $14 a pound of serving and pulled pork, for only $12 a pound of serving. Their sides, salads and desserts, and even their kids’ meals are priced a tad lower, of course, than their solo meat offerings.

They also have a separate menu for take-out orders where they have sandwiches and baskets that are each served with a side, meat plate orders that are also each served with a side, a combo plate where you can choose two meats, the “Everything” plate where you can choose up to four meats, the baby back ribs which costs $23 for a whole rack plate of serving and they even have something for the vegans – the veggie plate, which consists of four sides that costs $11. They also have daily lunch and dinner specials.

Among their best sellers are the smoked spicy BBQ wings which customers rave about being meaty and juicy, the “Everything” plate which is a meat lover’s heaven with chicken, pork, ribs and beef brisket that is cooked at the right temperature and seasoned perfectly, while the sides are also garnering positive reviews for its big and full servings especially the mac and cheese, Brunswick stew and baked beans. Fox Bros. even earned the top honors in the 2010 Zagat Restaurant Guide as the top barbecue restaurant in Atlanta. City locals and tourists both enjoy the positive and joyful vibe that the restaurant gives, the wide range of food choices and its affordability, the very accommodating and friendly staff, and its accessibility in terms of location and parking.

Come to Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q and experience what every barbecue lover is raving about. Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q is located at the corner of Dekalb Avenue and Elmira at Candler Park. They’re open seven days a week from 11 AM to 10 PM, and until 11 PM on Saturdays.

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