Dad’s Garage

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1105 Euclid Ave NE / Atlanta, GA 30307 | (404) 523-3141 |

Where can you find a healthy dose of adult comedy in a laid back atmosphere?

Dad’s Garage Theatre Company, an improv and comedy club, presented its first comedy play, Fun With Science, June 23, 1995. A Theatresports franchise, the original Dad’s Garage ensemble trained with the author of Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre and Impro for Storytellers, Keith Johnstone. Today, Dad’s Garage is a thriving theater with over 300 performers and volunteers, entertaining 30,000 people each year with their theater, public events and festivals.

This innovative company brings awareness to the Atlanta community of the creative outlets found in original theatrical works through improvisation. Dad’s creates and encourages artistic, administrative, and technical assemble through this awareness.

The work of Dad’s Garage is recognized and supported by National Endowment for the Arts, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Atlanta Foundation, Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund, Doris Duke Charitable Trust, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Theatre Communications Group, and The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

Besides their original scripted shows, Dad’s Garage produces 52 weeks of improv shows each year with traditional and original improv formats. Audiences get 350 performances each year, but no shows on Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is always a fun filled evening every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 8 and 10:30 pm. Budding improvisers can receive training in Dad’s High School Outreach Program and with on-site, public classes and workshops.

For those new to the improv scene, improv comedy is performing theatrical comedy without using a prepared, written script. Everything; dialogue, action, story, and characters are a collaborated effort of the players. Dad’s Garage includes in their performances, ideas from the audience by giving everyone sheets of paper to write out scenarios which the players incorporate into the show.

Dad’s Garage is an active part of Atlanta’s arts scene. Run and staffed by volunteers, eager to bring attention to the art of improv comedy, Dad’s has been recognized as Best Theatre and Best Improv Troup by Creative Loafing for 10 years running. In addition, Dad’s has won many awards including Best Improv Group in Atlanta and similar awards by many of the major Atlanta publications.

Dad’s Garage is a must for anyone who appreciates real adult humor. The improv masters poke fun at just about anything, themselves included. Be prepared to stomp your feet and laugh until you cry with their hilarious themes. It’s a continuous laugh-factory

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