A Place for Me Counseling

427 Moreland Avenue Suite 100B / Atlanta, GA 30307 | 404-228-3976 | http://www.aplaceformecounseling.com A Place for Me Counseling offers collaborative treatment in a warm, encouraging and empathic environment. They base their therapy on the relationship between an individual and their therapist, allowing the client to openly work through challenging situations. Services Offered Individual Therapy An individual’s suffering may cause sensations to occur in the body, problematic behaviors, beliefs and feelings. To reduce internal suffering, the client’s therapy consists of a one-on-one meeting with a therapist. This psychotherapy aids many individuals in self-growth. A Place For Me Counseling treats many behavioral areas including: Mood Disorders Personality Disorders Impulse Control Abuse and Trauma Adjustment Problems Anger Management Anxiety Behavioral Disorders Child and Adolescent Issues Family Therapy A form of counseling specializing in treatment of family relationships, family therapy helps family members work comfortably and usefully. Family and marriage therapists work with whole families, couples, parents with children, and individual family members. Some family therapist work in pairs or as a team, while the majority work with family members alone. Family therapy is helpful with the following: Conflicting and unclear, roles, rules, and expectations Compassionate communication, both clearer and more direct Intergenerational pain from loss, grief, and transition Managing and resolving conflict Parenting styles and techniques, including helpful discipline Blended family issues Repair relationships and help with better emotional connection among family members Group Therapy Three up to ten individuals can form a group session. Groups meet once each week, with sessions lasting up to six weeks. Group therapy provides support of a therapist as well as the group for each member. Play Therapy Children, through play therapy, learn communication skills, behavior change, problem-solving skills, and how to express feelings. With play therapy, children learn how to relate to others. It allows expression of thoughts and feelings with a safe psychological distance from their problems. A Place for Me Counseling offers a unique program called Mommy and Me & Monday Mornings. Children take part in the play...

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